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Be part of something great and leave your mark at the first international IEEE congress organised in Tunisia by a group of highly motivated Tunisian students, with over 250 international young professionals and students present, MESYP is sure to be a one of kind experience you will not want to miss.
The opportunities this event has to offer include:

-Enlarge your network: meet new potential entrepreneurs, business partners and media representatives.
-Attract new potential employees (students from all over the MENA region).
-Enhance your international brand and expand your business abroad.
-Inspire over 200 motivated students ready and eager to break into the professional world.
-Make the most of our huge media coverage.So don’t wait! Take advantage of this huge opportunity and join us for a unique and phenomenal sponsorship experience.

« Opportunites are never lost: someone will take the one you miss. SEIZE THE MOMENT »

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Fundraising Proposal


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