For MESYP 2017 like in every previous edition “The Delegation Of Aspiration (DOA)” competition will be present during the congress.
This competition aims to evaluate the capacities, the ability, the motivation and the team spirit of each participating Student Branch in order to select next edition’s main Host and organizing Student Branch.
A student branch can be represented only by one team. Every team must be composed of at least 3 members and at most 4 members.
The competition is composed of three phases:

1. Phase 1:

The purpose of this phase is to evaluate the ability of a student branch to organize the next edition according to their country accommodation, security and infrastructure.
An evaluation of all proposals will be done following a fixed point count.
Only 5 winners will be selected after Phase 1 and will be participating in Phase 2.
To ensure equality of chances, the choice will be done by our IEEE guests of honor.

2. Phase 2:

The main goal of this phase is to test the creativity, leadership spirit, stress management and emotional intelligence of the participants.
The 1st phase 5 winning teams will be assigned, at this level of the competition, a work / project that will be presented in front of the jury and the attendees. The teams will have a given time to prepare their work.
The evaluation of the teams’ works will be done by the same IEEE guests of honor in the 1st phase.
Only 2 teams will be qualified to the next step of the competition: Phase 3.

3. Phase 3:

This final phase will be held during the prestigious GALA Dinner in front of all the congress attendees. The winner of this phase will be officially announced as the MESYP 2019 organizer.

« Real learning comes about when the competitive spirit has ceased. »

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